Chat Stickers for Facebook on Chrome

This was my plugin for the old times. Now Facebook had released chat stickers on their web version and they are available for everybody without a need for any extension.
Bathing chat sticker Happy bunny earned a star badge

With their app for iPad, Facebook had released what it called "chat stickers", easily sendable beautiful images, most of which depict some emotions, activities or states of being, but do it better than good-old smileys do. While you can easily send them from Facebook app for iPad, they didn't make a way to send them from the web version. That's why people, including myself, made extensions that add this functionality. I had to borrow some JavaScript hacks for sending the stickers from other developers, because the stuff it uses is not really documented anywhere on the web, it's like hacking through the code. I bothered myself with design and I hope you'll like it. Maybe, I'll add some other functionality to the extensions later, like quick-accessing symbols and stuff. Check it out, I'm proud of it. If you'll see reviews that the extension didn't work for some people, don't panic, I already solved that.

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