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Product Placement

If you have a nice website, app, or other thing, interesting to my website's visitors, want to attract more people to it and would gladly pay for that, you have found yourself an exciting new partner.

Most pages on this and my related websites are viewed several thousand times / day, some tens of thousands. You can find some of my statistics on Google AdPlanner, of which you can be sure of that I'm not fooling you that I've got the traffic. One of the best ways for you to advertise here would be to do it through Google AdWords/Adsense. It gives you great targeting opportunities. But if you're only considering advertiseing directly, say, you have a large fancy ad, I'm open to discussing your campaigns that would generate me considerably more profit than Google AdSense and would have a budget of at least $2,000. Of course, I'm actually interested in bigger budgets, but I don't want people to buy a Schrödinger's cat. With that being said, if you can do the testing through AdSense and then contact me only when you know you're fully in ☞ superb.

Sizes, places, pri¢es

I don't care about standards. Lets discuss what you want, and figure the best and most appropriate way to setup your advertisement that would be most interesting to my visitors and will make my website look more complete. Trust me, considering that each page on this website is hand-made and almost each attracts many many visitors, individually crafting the best design is very cost-effective.

I accept both money/views, and money/clicks. My main considerations are profitability, my website's design and how nice is your website. Reguarding currencies and payment methods, I accept € Euros and $ US Dollars and my country doesn't accept PayPal, so PayPal is not a choice.

As I've mentioned before, I'm interested in deals that can generate considerably more profit than Google AdSense. That doesn't mean having a larger cost/click at all. If your product is interesting to my visitors and we'll individually fit your advertisement to have the best and most natural look, it's most likely that results will make us both happy.

Because, I don't want to be fooled and left with nothing, at the beginning I'll want some prepayments. Well, when you advertise with usual ad networks and stuff, you have to pay before too, so that isn't something rather unusual.

Don't have such a big budget for testing €

Then test if it works for you by advertising on my website through Google AdWords/AdSense and contact me only if your tests indicate that it would be cool for you to lay a bigger budget for advertising on my site.

Mediation ➲

We will probably use DoubleClick for Publishers: Small Business for mediation. But, please, to save us both time, if you're not planning to run very sophisticated ads for a lot of revenue, just use Google AdWords (AdSense) for advertising. Also, if you can, please try running ads through AdSense first and then, if you get the results you like, contact me directly.

Only for good purposes ✿

Basically, if your website, app, or other thing contains malware, or if you're planning on including malware in it later - don't come ringing into my door.

Article updated on 2014-10-28 16:21:43