Overline text with symbols


If you are making your own website and want to overline some text, you can use text-decoration: overline CSS property. But if you are posting to an external website, like Facebook, some blog, or forum, your only choice is this tool. It adds characters to letters of your text. These special characters add an overline to each letter, or sign. This way you make your text overlined, while it's still being plain text - no fancy special formatting included. This is a true magic of text symbols.

So now when you'll want to overline text anywhere, this little tool will bring you the power.

A̅ ̅U̅ ̅B̅ = A̅ ∩ B̅ ⇔ A̅ ̅∩̅ ̅B̅ = A̅ U B̅


Last update 4 years ago