Carty - Generate BIG text art signs

This is my favourite and self-made generator for artful text signs. I made this because I was seriously into text art. I liked it a lot. I though it would be awesome if characters would get into each other's regions, like in graffiti if I'd want to, but I wanted to also have an ability to disable this feature (disable "Closer") if I'd want to. I also found 3 sets of characters I could make this with, so I made an ability to switch between them. I also figured that in some cases I can use not-so-big signs, while I'll want bigger in others. I think it all worked out awesomely. You're the judge.

Bookmarklet available

Bookmarklet saving and using demonstation
Before saving this bookmarklet you can try it right here. Select some text (but not from writing areas) on this page and click on bookmarklet.


You can type characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and :,.!?)(" '-+=. I thought they're all I'll ever need.
Symbols, my carty uses are: ━ ┏ ┛ ┗ ┓ ┃ ┫ ╋ ┣ ︱ ┻ ┳ , ╭ ╮ ╰ ╯ ╱ and ═ ╔ ╝ ╚ ╗ ║ ╣ ╬ ╠ ─ ╩ ╦ . You can use them to make your own different art signs and text pictures.



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