After I've made my Encool generator some guy have asked me why won't Encooler Russificate what he types. Like turn English characters into Russian symbols. The answer was obvious, cause that's just not the way that I wanted my Encooler to roll. Encooler was about making text look cool using hell more symbols than just East Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian, Rusyn, and Belarusian). But I thought that if some people look for this kind of generator - why not make one? So I bring you here one more tool for text Encooling. A tool for Slavication of your texts, names and messages.

Rusify uses Ukrainian and Russian text letters that you can find in my Different language letters.

Cᴏᴍɪɴɢ ɴᴇxᴛ ɪɴ ɴᴇᴡs: Bʀɪᴛɪsʜ sᴄɪᴇɴᴛɪsᴛs ᴅɪsᴄᴏᴠᴇʀᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴇᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴄʜᴏᴄᴏʟᴀᴛᴇ ʀᴀɪsᴇs ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴏᴏᴅ.
Tнєу нavёи'т тяїёd vоdкa уёт, dїd тнёу? (¬‿¬)

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