Alt shortcuts list

Alt codes by name

This table contains most frequently used text symbols you can input using alt codes, with their names listed.

code symbol description
0176 ° Degree sign
0133 Three dots
0131 ƒ Function, florin
0134 Cross sign, dagger
0135 Double dagger
0137 Permil, permile, per mile
0140 ΠOE sign, fish
0156 œ Small ce
0191 ¿ Upside question alt symbol
0151 Dash
0198 Æ Aelig big, AE alt symbol
0230 æ Small aelig, ae alt symbol
0163 £ Pound sign, GBP
0128 Euro sign, EUR
0165 ¥ Peace, Yen sign, JPY
0162 ¢ Cent sign
0215 × Middle X, x times, multiply alt symbol
21 § Section symbol
15 Sun, lamp
27 Left arrow
26 Right arrow
29 Two sided left right arrow alt symbol
24 Up arrow
25 Down arrow
23 Up down double arrow alt symbol
3 Text heart alt symbol
6 Spades card alt symbol
11 Man, male, Mars alt symbol
11 Paragraph alt symbol
code symbol description
0189 ½ Half, 1/2
0188 ¼ One forth, 1/4
0190 ¾ 3/4
0177 ± Plus - minus, plusminus alt symbol
0179 ³ 3-d degree, third degree alt symbol
0178 ² Second degree, 2-nd alt symbol
0185 ¹ First degree
0186 º Zero degree
0169 © Copyright, copy, C alt symbol
0174 ® Registered, register alt symbol
0153 Trademark, trade, TM alt symbol
0216 Ø Not in, O, zero
0221 Ý Latin Y
127 Δ Delta, difference
7 Middot, middle point
0208 Ð Big D, Lick, Big tongue
0222 Þ Lick, tongue
30 Triangle up
31 Triangle down
16 Triangle right
17 Triangle left
1 White smiley face, smile alt symbol
2 Black smiley face, smile alt symbol
13 Music note alt symbol #1
14 #2
4 Diams, Lozenge card
5 Shamrock, Clubs card
12 Woman, female, Venus
12 Attention symbol

Alt codes list (all symbol codes)
Alt codes list Full list of Alt codes. Contains both 1 - 256 and 0128 - 0256 code ranges. Numbers you can type on your keyboard's Num Pad to get special symbols. Complete table with all Alt codes and characters that they produce.

First alt codes

Here are first 32 Alt codes for you to start with. Full list is available at Alt codes list.
If you don't know how to write symbols using these codes - look at How to write symbols by using keyboard Alt codes.

21 §
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What is the code for the outline of the cross/hollow cross?
All Alt Codes are listed in my Alt codes list. If you won't find there a code you are looking for - it's better for you to just copy-paste it.
I can't find how to do the peace sign with Alt Codes. Is there one and if so what is it?
You can't do it with Alt Codes. But you can copy-paste it from Cool text Symbols for Facebook ツ. Cheers!